provides specialized services for local governments in the United States.

Our mission is to support local governments with activities that will make their work more effective.

Our services include outsourcing of administrative tasks, technical support and data analytics for local government to support data driven decision making.
“Help Towns” is formed by a team of professionals with long standing experience in local governance and highly skilled software engineers.
Our strengths are flexibility, reliability, speed of service and low costs. is a service of Pikasa Analytics, a global data analytics company, specialized in development and implementation of tools, software and machine learning algorithms to help its partners make their daily work more effective.

Pikasa has 15 Years’ of experience in Services and Data Science. It serves companies, organizations and institutions around the Globe with a variety of services and software. Pikasa partners with USG bodies, local governments, organizations and firms.

Our services

Our Virtual Assistant can:

  • Take notes from video recorded public meetings 
  • Prepare minutes of meetings
  • Assist on document compliance checklist
  • Organize administrative documentation
  • Assist on scheduling meetings and video calls
  • Provide online research 
  • Keep communication with service providers and institutions
  • Other administrative services

Website and Citizen Engagement Tools To Help You Build A Better Community
Engage Your Citizens
• Showcase Your Community
• Integrate With Existing Systems

Our localized tools for towns can help you learn:

  • What is being said about your local government in News Outlets and Social Media
  • What are key issues that your citizens care about
  • Who influences your targeted audience
  • Who are the most influential voices and channels
  • Which messages get through
  • What are the trending topics, buzzing hashtags or spikes in conversations
  • And many more valuable information, visualized in real-time dashboard